Vigan City <3

                         Vigan City is one of the places I always dreamed of visiting. I just love the fact that people of Vigan preserved the historical landmarks. Even the shops look so vintage. Last summer, my aunt called my mom to inform us that they will have an Ilocos Tour (Norte & Sur). My aunt asked me if I want to go with them. I was really excited but I was hesitant to go because I am really far away from them because I live in Panay Island and Ilocos is in Luzon Island. Plane tickets were really expensive because it was summer and I don’t want to travel alone at the ship. I was really sad. Thankfully, my aunt said that she will pay for the fare of our maid so she could accompany me in traveling. I was really happy and extremely excited! Days passed and we finally reached Vigan City. It was really enjoyable in spite of the scorching heat of the sun. I had so much blast that I even forgot to comb my hair before taking pictures with my relatives.

Okay, so here are some of the photos I shot.

*Click the images for a larger view. 😉



More photos…

Me and my cousin sitting on an antique bench.

How beautiful this church is.

A candid shot of my aunt.

Just strolling around.

I got a souvenir. Yay!

A Chinese school at Vigan? Cool!

                 So, those are the pictures I shot. I hope you enjoyed viewing these. Vigan is really a beautiful historical site. Forgive me if I didn’t show you the whole city. We didn’t really go to the other spots that much since we arrived 1:00 pm. By the way, I will be blogging about other places we visited during our Ilocos Tour so watch out for that. 😉

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