At The Market

Have you ever been to a market before? Here, in the Philippines, most of the markets are muddy and have disgusting smells. Do you know why? Maybe because the dry section and wet section are not in separate places. But, there are also markets in here that are clean and doesn’t have disgusting smell.
Today I will be posting some pictures of things you can find at the market. So here they are.



~Lobster and Shrimp~

That’s all for now guys. I will be posting some questions that I hope you will answer

~Do you like buying at the market?

~Is your local market clean?

~What do you buy at the market?

Hena @ Alluring Sky


2 thoughts on “At The Market

  1. Hei!:] I really like the link button you made for me, and I think I will put it on my fisrt page cause it’s awesome! I will credit you at the about page.:} thanks again!:]

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